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Under Section 88 of the Under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, Reconnect has a Hong Kong registered charity status. Our organisation has pledged to conserve the environment by exhausting all available resources to generate activities that produce real-time outcomes and make observable reductions in wastage of scarce resources.  In order to sustain our commitment and efforts, we are always on the lookout for financial assistance. You can act now by contributing tax-deductible donations online.

Donate Your Computers & Laptop

With the increasing dependence on information communication technology, students in Hong Kong are required to access the Internet. However, many low-income families are unable to afford computers for their children despite grassroots efforts made towards the Education Bureau and Chief Executive. According to the Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong households and corporations are responsible for throwing away 70,000 computers and electrical equipment each year. Many of these products are in good use and can be redistributed to people in need. If the donated computers and laptops are not functionable or outdated, we will still recycle them properly to ensure no extra e-waste is created.

At Reconnect, it is our contention to halt this practice and introduce a more cost-effective and sustainable method to revitalize the usage of laptops and computers. If you are thinking of throwing away yours or want to put an old laptop that is catching dust to good use; leave your name, contact number and preferred destination of pick up below.

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That is entirely up to you. Your contributions are valuable to us whether large or small. Just remember, every cent goes towards the provision of services dedicated to protecting our planet Earth.

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FPS ID: 8719700
Organization Name: Reconnect Limited
HK Registered Charity IR No: 91/14322

WHY MAKE A DONATION2018-06-15T09:21:15+00:00

You are probably wondering if corporations and organisations are donating to us; then individual donations should not make much of a difference. However, individual donations are very important for two reasons. Firstly, it recognises the personal effort made by each individual to donate towards a cause such as ours. This relays to us that the responsibility to conserve the environment is not limited to a few but shared by many.  Secondly, your contributions are tax-deductible therefore you take some control over where your tax money goes towards.  

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