Zero Food Waste

From the success observed in the previous 21 day challenge online game, we further developed another online game which encouraged students to finish all of their food for each meal. The concept of the game is for students to record daily the amount of food that they have eaten in their meals and further observe the amount of food waste that they create if they do not finish their food. The aim of this game is to change the wasteful behaviour of students and tackle excessive food waste from its roots.

In the game, students will be given a plate of food and when they click on the food that they have eaten, it will disappear leaving the leftover on the plate. Students are expected to record the food that they have not finished every day in order to observe the food waste that they have accumulated throughout the period of time that they have been playing. Through this game, we hope to promote a behavioural change in which students will develop a habit of finishing their food.

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