Seed Ball Workshop

Paper waste accounts for 21.2% (1358 tpd) of municipal solid waste in Hong Kong1. In particular, tissue paper and paper bag accounts for the majority of the paper waste. To enhance the understanding how paper waste can be reused in our daily lives, Reconnect offers this Seed Ball workshop using recycled papers to make seed ball.

Farmers have traditionally used mud mixed with seed to make seed ball to help disperse seed for germination. To add an environmental flavor, paper waste is shredded and molded into a seed ball. Students can experience how this type of waste can be reused to become a product which we can use to grow plants. Students can also learn to identify various types of plant seeds and the process of plant germination.   1Environmental Protection Department (2016) Monitoring of solid waste in Hong Kong – Waste Statistic for 2016, Hong Kong SAR Government.

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