Organic Farming and Food Waste Composting

Food waste at schools is a challenging issue. Many school students opted to leave their purchased lunch unconsumed and the schools are posed with the challenge to deal with these food waste. This program demonstrates how food waste can be reused as a resourceful material as part of organic farming.

The students were requested to bring in fruit skins and waste bread from home. In conjunction, the food waste from unconsumed lunch was also used as compost. We installed:
• 3 small-scale food composting machine (5 kg) which can generate compost within half a day;
• 3 food composting box which takes 3 months to generate mature compost.
• The compost generated from the food composting machines were applied to the garden to grow vegetable. Freshly grown salad from the school garden was served to the students as afternoon tea. The students got to enjoy the fruit of their harvest and to experience the complete “loop” cycle of recycling food waste.

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